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HDG News!

Philadelphia Zoo Launches Its New Website


Our latest website project is up and running! Check out the Philadelphia Zoo’s new website at

We were thrilled to be chosen as the design team for this project, and delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Philadelphia Zoo and the web development team at Weblications.

Anyone for a day out?

HDG is growing! We welcome another graphic designer to the team.

We are delighted to welcome Mazie Contreras to Howard Design Group. A talented young designer who enjoys multitasking, Mazie will fill a dual role as designer and production assistant. In a nutshell, Mazie will be keeping us all in line.

Mazie graduated from James Madison University in 2008 with a BFA in graphic design. It probably comes as no surprise, but Mazie has many other interests…from swimming (IM is her specialty, phew!!) to enjoying art shows and movies to planning parties. 

Our growth is both exhilarating and humbling. Thank you to our clients and partners for your business and continued support.


HDG Clients win 2013 HEMR Educational Advertising Awards

It’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze! This week, Higher Education Marketing Report (HEMR) announced the winners of their 28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards, and we are delighted to see our work on the list.

Congratulations to Quinnipiac University, Ross University, and the HDG design and marketing team.


Howard Design Group Team Hits The Green

Whoo hoo! This month we celebrated Pete’s fifteenth anniversary with Howard Design Group, and Sarah’s fifth.

It’s our tradition to celebrate these special dates with a field trip to somewhere fun, followed by a late lunch at a nice restaurant—great food, lively conversation, and, as you can imagine, a lot of laughs. Last year, we took a trip to the Barnes Foundation for Eiran’s tenth anniversary. We also visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Dori’s tenth, and had a lobster bake for Jeff’s fifth.

Believe it or not, we are a sporty bunch around here. So, when Sarah and Pete picked mini-golf for their celebration, the competition was on! You could not see Doodie for the dust as she pulled out of the parking lot in Princeton on her way to Pine Creek Miniature Golf. Carl, who has been known to play a few rounds of golf, took the lead on the first nine holes, with Jeff, Pete and Sarah on his tail. Both Dori and Diane rattled the leaders, scoring holes in one in the second half—not bad for two people who could not see the hole from the tee!  For Diane, clearly all that tennis was paying off. Eiran managed to play a great game, while capturing some super, sneaky shots on his camera of our team at work. In the end, it was Jeff who had the lowest score, making him the winner of the day, followed closely by Pete. Pete would like everyone to know that he only lost by one point and was robbed! Ah, the talent at HDG! As for me, well, let’s just say that I had the best placement (it’s a math thing), but need to get a little better at putting. I’m secretly practicing in my backyard. When I reach my fifth anniversary, watch out!

So, what’s all this got to do with marketing? It’s about making your people a priority, whether it’s your employees or your customers. Diane and Carl always have. As a small business, it is how we’ve managed to keep such incredible design talent at HDG and how we have life-long clients.

Looking forward to celebrating Pete’s twentieth and Sarah’s tenth!

Drum roll please!

This month, we’re launching our new website.

We spend our days helping our clients with their marketing, and our nights working on marketing for HDG. Needless to say, some of our own initiatives take a little longer to get done than we would like them to do. Know the feeling?

Drum roll please! This month, we’re launching our new website. We had a lot of fun with the team videos—hope you get a kick out of them too.

Like many activities that we tackle, this project started as “a simple update” and evolved into something so much more. In planning for our new website and the needs of those visiting our site, we realized that we do so much more for our clients than what was previously being said.  We felt that we needed to do a better job of showcasing our work and the talents of our team, so that our prospects and clients can get a sense of the depth of our capabilities, and how we might help them. And, finally, we wanted to take advantage of the latest in web technologies to reach new prospects, to engage visitors on our website, and to stay relevant and in touch with our customers needs in this fast moving, complex world that we all find ourselves. We have used online video, social bookmarks and sharing tools, and other sophisticated programming techniques to pull this off, along with launching this blog and creating a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook to expand our communication touchpoints (or outposts as some are now calling them). Drop us a note, and let us know what you think.

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